Professional Courses

Our Career Course is designed for anyone looking to obtain a deeper knowledge of professional floristry. The course is split into various stages which can be booked together, or separately, depending on your interests and availability. Our world class tutors are here to pass on a key set of skills and share their wealth of knowledge obtained working with a leading luxury floral design company.

The Four Week Career Course offers a comprehensive, intensive introduction to the skills required to start your career. It is made up of two stages, the first two weeks is the Floristry Foundation module, which can be booked as a separate course. The second part of the Career Course is The Bridal Foundation module. Again this can be booked separately for those wishing to focus purely on bridal work. Both of these modules are listed as two week courses in our class schedule.

Advanced courses are scheduled to follow the Four Week Career Course for those wishing to expand their skills even further or have already had some experience of floristry. This is made up of two one week courses, which again can be booked separately or as one. The first week is Advanced Design, the second is Advanced Bridal, these are listed in our advanced classes in our class schedule.