Three Day Courses

Our Three Day Workshops are the ultimate way to escape the outside world and focus on a set of floristry skills that are important to you.

We have a trio of different courses with different focuses The Floristry Workshop focused on a range of different floral skills and is a great introduction to the industry. The Lifestyle Workshop teaches and inspires new ways of arranging flowers for the home and skills can be later used for creating stunning displays when hosting parties or events. The Bridal Workshop gives you a full set of skills in arranging flowers for weddings - and is perfect for budding florists looking to specialize in wedding floristry, or if you brave enough to create flowers for you or yours loved ones big day!

The course will run for three days in a row, starting at 10am each day and finishing at 4pm.

For more information about The Jane Packer Flower School please email or call us on 0203 411 2174