Tricks of The Trade: Summer Styling Tips!


Peonies and Hydrangeas and Delphinium, oh my! The plethora of British Summer Time blooms are amongst us, and the choice is overwhelming. Luckily, we have the Jane Packer Flowers team on hand to share their industry secrets of what to consider when purchasing and displaying summer flowers.

In the warmer weather, it’s so important to check for freshness when buying flowers – always look, touch and feel! A good tip is to look at the foliage of the flower – if it’s rich and firm your flowers should be good, but if it’s slightly ropey looking you may be in trouble! Never buy out of season – and when buying peonies make sure they’re not too tight as they may not open.

Enjoy everything about summer flowers – big blousy peonies and roses and gorgeous delphinium. Be indulgent, abundant and luxurious!

Louise, Jane Packer George Street Manager

When it comes to Peonies don’t buy anything that is too closed as they may not open. The tip is to buy blooms that are just starting to open to ensure they will come out big and blousy. As I spend my days at work arranging flowers when it comes to having flowers in the home I prefer them to be left unarranged so I can just enjoy their beauty.

Akira, Head Tutor Jane Packer Flower School

Hydrangeas are my most favourite summer flower as they create a huge impact and are very luxurious. The best way to care for them is to submerge their heads into water for a few seconds, before removing any leaves on the stem that will sit below the water line.

As they have woody stems, cut at a very sharp angle and transferring into fresh cool water in a clean vase. In hot weather, you can mist the heads of the flowers to give them a bit of added perkiness!

Sammi,  Jane Packer George Street Florist

Always buy seasonal flowers - as the availability of different varieties is good and the price is economical!

Veronica, Jane Packer Flower School

Using all white and citrus green summer flowers and foliage's can give you an instantly modern and chic look. Use a mixture of soft and strong focal point to enable the eye to bounce around. Always make sure to leave plenty of space between the flowers for the butterflies to flutter!

Luke, Jane Packer George Street Florist

I always go for sunflowers - they just embody summer time to me. Always choose the ones that don't have damaged petals or crispy leafs as this can indicate they are too warm. To style them, I always put them in a nice tall vase for maximum impact and place them away from direct sunlight.

Ashley, Jane Packer Delivered 

It's always nice to see and use the flower of the same colour palette and work mono-chromatically by using colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel. 

Marilyn, Jane Packer George Street Florist